RDM Group offers design and development for mobile applications to interface to consumer products.  

RDM Group is an approved Apple iOS developer giving us the ability to develop apps that can be used for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using Apples Software Development Kit.   We can also develop android applications.

Our background in the automotive sector provides us with the expertise and knowledge for the development of apps to enhance the entire vehicle ownership experience.

Case Study



Working in collaboration with Potenza Technology and Warwick Control Technologies to drastically reduce the vast amounts of wiring, switches and other components required within a vehicle for display of information, such as speed, battery/fuel level and journey distance.   It also covers non-critical systems including heating, ventilation, lighting and in-car entertainment.

The project utilises an Apple iPad to control vehicle functions and provide feedback to the driver. The vehicle components (such as the headlamps) are individual radio frequency connected ECUs controlled by the iPad.

The 6-month project produced a working demonstrator electric vehicle (EV) with only the iPad, brake pedal, throttle pedal and steering wheel. 

The aims were to:

  • simplify electrical systems
  • reduce weight within the vehicle
  • provide high levels of configurability
  • to remove the reliance upon carry over of OEM systems for electric vehicle applications.