RDM Group is playing a leading role in the development of next generation, low carbon, zero emission vehicles. 

We have been involved and continue to be involved in projects to deliver both electric and hydrogen powered vehicles thanks to our ability to offer a one-stop shop for electrical systems, drive train systems and fuel cell interface.  

In addition, we have the facilities to support manufacturing, including the wiring systems and control electronics to support vehicle builds and conversions.


Case Study  -  Landrover Defender Leopard II Project

ad-ev-leopardii.jpgThe project vehicle is a Landrover Defender that is aimed primarily at safari game viewers & theme park usage.  It is capable for off-road use but can be used on road for short range work.

The installation of a 300V electric drive train was challenging, and was completed on time to support Landrover at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013.    

In stage one, a total of seven vehicles were completed and full parts and process documentation undertaken. 

The vehicle is propelled by a 70KW 330Nm switched reluctance drive motor. The battery is a passively cooled Li Fe (lithium Iron) P04 27KW/hour 300 volt assembly mounted in what used to be the engine compartment

The SR motor is located in the transmission tunnel area and connected via a bespoke drive coupling assembly to drive directly into the standard vehicle transfer box.

A CAN based system control ECU looks after the interaction and operation of the drive motor, battery and driver controls. There is also a separate watchdog ECU that monitors critical systems  and has the ability to shutdown the drive of the vehicle in the unlikely event of a system failure.