RDM Group is leading the way in the production of autonomous vehicles.

We are working with Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) on the LUTZ Pathfinder programme and this marks our first foray into this exciting sector.

RDM Group is involved in the first project to put autonomous pods into the UK during 2015.  Initially we are supporting a trial of three autonomous pods which will be assessed in Milton Keynes.

Our Pods will provide an ideal solution for urban mobility, enabling future driving to be free from fuel, emissions, congestion and accidents.  The standard two-man electric powered lightweight pod can be driven autonomously or by a driver over a range of 40km.

In autonomous mode, vehicles can be called by the passenger via a smartphone app which will deliver the vehicle to a pre-determined collection point.

The Pods can be used for many transport requirements:

  • Cities

  • Golf Courses

  • Holiday Parks

  • Campuses

  • Airports

  • Heritage Sites

  • Shopping Centres