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Welcome to RDM

RDM Group supplies world class products and engineering services across multiple industry sectors. We have developed an excellent reputation and track record for flexibility whilst providing high quality, innovative engineering solutions. With our demonstrated experience and expertise we can support a diverse portfolio of projects for some of the globe's biggest names.

RDM Group has been supplying industry for more than 21 years, providing critical solutions to customers in automotive, aerospace, medical, rail and renewables.  Our heritage is predominately in the automotive sector where we have a strong presence as a tier 1 and 2 supplier, as well as providing products and services to the dealer and O.E.M. aftermarket.

RDM Group is a wholly owned business, which operates throughout the UK, Europe and North America.  In addition to our Coventry office in the heart of the UK, we have just invested £400,000 into a new Advanced Engineering Centre.  This dedicated facility supports ambitious new vehicle builds and cutting edge development work on a host of automotive components.

We have three divisions within the RDM Group -

  • RDM Autonomous Vehicles for the design & manufacturing of driver / driverless pods
  • RDM Automotive for manufacturing and fulfilment
  • RDM Advanced Engineering for design, development and prototyping

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RDM welcomes positive ‘appetite’ for LUTZ

A new online poll highlights a positive reaction to self-driving vehicles in
Milton Keynes.

David Keene, Chairman of automotive experts RDM Group, believes the survey – carried out
by YouGov – highlights a growing interest in driverless pods and the benefits they can
provide to people living, working and visiting UK cities.

The independent poll found that 61% of adults living in the Buckinghamshire town would be
interested in using the electric-powered two-seater ‘pods’for making ‘short hop’ journeys.

That compared to interest levels of 38% among respondents in the UK as a whole. When it
came to people in the national survey, who had already heard something about the project
before taking part, the figure rose to 48% – suggesting that familiarity with the trials is
helping to improve public attitudes towards the technology.


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LUTZ project seals SMMT Award win for RDM Group

RDM Group's involvement in the UK's first self-driving vehicle has seen the company win this year's SMMT Automotive Award for Innovation.

RDM is playing a crucial role in the Transport Systems Catapult's LUTZ Pathfinder project, which will trial three electric-powered 'pods' in pedestrianised areas of Milton Keynes.

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